Reasons Why People Love Pizza

Pizza has been around for years, its circle dough with toppings on top served on a square box equates to how great this food that makes everyone go drooling. Everyone loves pizza. It is ultimate comfort food, a go-to food for the family, and perfect for the weekend picnic dates.


Apart from that, here are more reasons why people love gourmet quality pizza.


It has an infinite amount of topping combinations


From cheese, sausage, pepperoni, chicken alfredo, green peppers, jelly, shrimp, pineapples and even triple cheese— name it! There’s definitely an endless amount of possibilities that you can top your pizza with, that’s why there’s literally something for everyone. This also makes handcraft pizzas more famous, if you don’t like a certain topping then take it off, or you can just make your own pizza with your preferred toppings.

Pizza is a desert


Not only that pizza is considered a good meal. But it can also be a perfect dessert after your meal. Dessert pizzas can be of any kind you want, just add whatever is delicious to you. Remember that pizza is an art, make it how you want it to be.

It’s perfect for many people


One thing that makes pizza a go-to food is that it can serve many people. Pizzas came in different sizes, 14 inches or 16 inches and you can have it cut in triangle form or in squares. That’s the reason why it is cut into slices, for it to be shared with friends.

Easy to access

Not only that you can find pizzas in pizza parlors, but you can also find gourmet quality pizza in grocery stores. Almost all chain of grocery stores sell frozen pizzas and a lot of restaurants serves pizzas as well, which makes it easier for you to find one if you’re in the mood for it. Thus, the number of pizza chains in the US are incredibly numerous, obviously, that means it is real comfort food in the diets of so many.




One thing that people love about pizza is because it is not expensive. Even students can barely afford it. Basically, a whole frozen pizza from the grocery store can cost as little as a few bucks, which makes it such a smart option for breakfast and quick cook dinners.


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Starting Up a Food Business: Guide 101

Starting up a food business looks like so easy, as simple as cooking a burger, in the first place. However, on the other side of the table, it may be difficult as what you have expected. With lots of competitions out there, from family-owned food resto to newly built food chain, you have to come up with fresh, brand new ideas.

Moreover, stories had been baked from restaurant failures due to disturbing rates. But, looking at the silver lining, there are food businesses that stay over the years. Maybe you know some of those and it is better to think of these as good examples of restaurant mortality rate that is nearly comparable to other industries.

In starting up a food business, you have to consider some important matters in order to succeed. You should have a guideline that you should follow accordingly.

Guidelines in Starting a Food Business

Below are things that you need to know and must consider to follow when you have to start your food business.

Prepare a business plan

In starting up every kind of business, business plan is the first and very essential thing to do. You should arrive with what business entity are you entering. Are you handling your food business as a sole proprietor or you are going to do it as partnership with someone?

The next thing is your business concept. You have to decide if you want to operate a fast-food chain or a classy restaurant business. Moreover, your business should also have a name, logo, and marketing strategies.

Another important thing to consider in planning is your target market and business location. Additionally, the budget and expenses, menu, and food price list should also be considered.

Get equipped

Your business equipment is one of the most important expenses that you have to take into account when putting up your business. You have to purchase kitchen appliances, utensils, glassware, cold storage, and work surfaces. In addition, furnishings like tables and chairs should also be purchased.

Hire employees

Before you start to run your food business, you should have staff that would be assigned in doing specific tasks. Staffing should depend on your business concept.

Secure Business Licenses and Permits

Another important thing in running a business is to have a business license and other permits necessary for your business operation. These legal documents serve as proof of approval from the regulatory authority for running your food business. However, be aware of the legal requirements and documents that you must have to obtain from your local authority.

Remember, different food business concepts have different regulations to follow.

Select a Point of Sale System

Point of Sale or POS System is the modern type of cash register. A good POS System provides your business a better communication of sales generated between the front-line area and the back-office. Additionally, in achieving a better communication, you need to have a hosted pbx solution. However, make a research on the best POS and pbx solution that will fit your business.

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