Spring is basically the perfect season to have outdoor parties or activities. Simply put, it’s full of unforgettable culinary experience. What could top it off better than cooking with your grill? If you don’t have one, then this guide will be your new best friend in buying such.

3 Types of Grills

Following are a brief description on the 4 types of grills in the market and at the same time, to which they type of people or activity they are best at.

Gas Grills – this is a household name when it comes to grilling. It could be operated either by natural gas or bottled propane.

Actually, it is just perfect for impatient cooks who like to get the fire burning and start cooking without worrying about the preparation as well as cleanup of charcoal.

Charcoal Grills – as the name implies, these grills are using charcoal briquettes for cooking. While this form of cooking is quite expensive and time consuming than the prior, some prefer the unique and distinctive taste of meat and other foods with charcoal. This is true particularly when natural woods are used.

Because of this, charcoal grill becomes the perfect potion for old-school cooks.

If you are longing for that grilled and smoky flavor, then this will never fail you.

Electric Grills – it’s obvious, the grill is powered by electricity to cook. This is done by making use of heated grill plates and the best thing about this, they come in two varieties – outdoor and indoor. Since no gas, propane or charcoal has to be used for its operation, it is ideal for city dwellers who want to enjoy grilled foods but still want to follow local building regulations and laws.