Want to hit up the mattress early? Tired from work? No time left to cook? Fear not! Here are 5 easy recipes by Donal Skehan and by Dave & Steve from “The Happy Pear” you even have time to scan the latest mattress reviews 2019 after dinner. 5 minutes is all it takes to whip up each meal plus you don’t even have to use a microwave. Packed with fresh nutritious ingredients these meals are far from you regular convenience store meals.

Pad Thai under 5 minutes by Donal Skehan

Pad Thai is a popular dish from Thailand. It is a dish that can easily be altered to suit a person’s preference – pork, chicken, or with just purely the veggies.  Looking for a healthy dinner to end your day? On a diet? Going vegetarian? Check out this recipe by Donal Skehan.

Chickpea Curry by The Happy Pear: cheap easy and quick perfect for people on a budget.

Want something fast, easy and cheap? Try out his recipe by Dave & Steve from the happy Pear. Hungry from a long day at work? Then this recipe is perfect for you! It is both filling and packed with flavor.

Something Fancy under 5 minutes? Check out this sole meauniere recipe by Donal Skehan.

Fish may sound like a challenge for first timers in the kitchen, but why not try this five minute, six ingredient meal by Donal Skehan and change your perspective. Quick, easy and packed with nutritious ingredients – with quick cooking fish and vegetables this recipe will surely fill you up for dinner.

Too lazy to do the dishes every night?

Although it may require you a microwave, if you are not to picky on whether the food is microwaved or not then an easy meal prep may be the best for you. Meal preps go a long way, especially for busy people on the run. If a fresh meal under 5 minutes is still too hard to insert into your busy schedule, how about a meal prep? Check out this video by Tasty.

Although convenience store food is as convenient as its name implies, it surely isn’t the healthiest option for you. So why settle for something unhealthy when there are other convenient, yet healthier alternatives waiting for you to try out?