Quesadillas can do a three-way task as a healthier snack, post-workout meal, and something to fulfill those comfort food desires.

Morning Champ

Forget about the bagel. Tortilla has this one taken care of with smoked salmon, cream cheese, as well as chives. Fresh and promising brunch flavors and healthy fats galore, this meal will get you to want to say goodbye to bread permanently—or at least right up until the last bite of the quesadilla.

Ingredients: 1 whole-wheat tortilla, 1/2 cup smoked salmon, 2 Tbsp cut chives and 1/4 cup cream cheese
Directions: Heat the tortilla, spread on the cream cheese, include the salmon, and scatter with chopped chives. Fold, and eat.

Philly ‘Dilla

It’s similar to the common cheesesteak sandwich, but with significantly less bread! And possibly less sense of guilt relying on how gluten-ous you are. Basically build with grilled flank steak, green bell peppers, onions and also Provolone.

Ingredients: 1 spinach tortilla,1/4 cup sliced onions, 1/2 cup Provolone 1/2 cup cooked flank steak, 1/4 cup sliced green bell pepper

Directions: In a frying pan, sauté your green peppers plus onions in olive oil. As soon as pepper and onions are cooked, include steak to skillet. Heat up
the tortilla, add the steak and vegetable mix and cheese, and fold over. Serve or proceed to heat for a crunchy tortilla crust.

Texas Chilla-Wannabe-A

Certainly, beef chili, sour cream, plus lots of gooey cheese are a delicious combination. But why not maintain all the flavors and feed on a healthier choice instead? Subbing turkey chili, Greek yogurt and also just a little less cheese can make this chili-inspired ‘Dilla a tailgater’s goal.

Ingredients: 1 whole-wheat tortilla, 1/2 cup turkey chili, 1/4 cup Monterey Jack cheese, 1 Tbsp Greek yogurt
Instructions: Heat up the turkey chili and also the tortilla individually. Mix the cheese and the chili then include to the tortilla.

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