Sending foods to your friends or loved ones is a well-received and appreciated gesture. Well, this is assuming that the goods sent are in optimal condition and still edible when your recipient opens them. The question is, how could you ensure that your gift would remain in mint condition when it has been delivered?

Ways to Send Food Items Fast

The good news is, there are methods that can be used in preserving perishable items and keep them as fresh and as tasty as it was first sent out.

Method 1: Fast Shipping

Despite the fact that next day delivery or fast shipping is more expensive than its counterpart, it secures that the items sent will be delivered the next day or the least amount of time. It is integral to have a balance to delivery cost and cost of items you’re sending.

When deliveries of items are more than the actual perishable good, then it might be wise that you check for alternative options.

Method 2: When to Send?

A lot of us are well aware that things do take time to complete, especially during the weekend. Various businesses are close and there are few people who are working. As a result, the deliveries are processed may sit in the couriers warehouse over weekends. Therefore, try avoiding this by sending the package like at Monday or midweek. This ensures that your goods will reach in optimal condition in their destination.

Just a quick reminder though, this type of move is only applicable to handful of couriers in food industry. Because when it comes to the transportation of your furniture and other big stuff, moving companies such as are open 24/7.

Method 3: Inform Your Recipient on the Day of Delivery

Say that the person you’re gifting the item knows when to expect those items, then they can have provisions in ensuring that it will be placed in freezer or fridge as soon as possible. A friend or neighbor can collect the item and put it if they’re not around when it’s delivered. If they’re aware however, then they could make the previsions necessary.