Coffee Beans


Drinking coffee is very popular in all regions. With nine European countries in the top 10 of global coffee consumption, Europe undoubtedly takes the crown. This has been proven as sales of coffee makers such as the Bosch Tassimo coffee machine have increased through the years within the continent. But have you ever tried to incorporate coffee into your dishes? You will be amazed by the surprising combinations you can make with coffee. We give you a number of recipes that you should definitely try.

What coffee do you use to cook?

Before we start dissecting recipes, it is important to consider the type of coffee you choose to cook with. Not every coffee emits the same flavor aromas that are needed for certain dishes. In general, you can’t do much wrong with strong coffee such as an espresso from Lavazza or with illy coffee.

Meat with coffee

Meat and coffee go hand in hand. Both complement each other perfectly. Coffee not only gives an extra dimension to the taste of the meat, but it also makes your meat extra tender.

This makes your meat very pleasant to eat. Coffee can be used in your dishes in different ways:

  • Add coffee to the gravy of your meat.
  • Use coffee to marinate or steam your meat.
  • Process coffee in the sauce that you put on the meat.

If you use coffee in a sauce, it is important to choose a strong coffee such as Lavazza or espresso. In the sauce, the taste of your coffee can be lost quickly, but that will happen less quickly if you work with a stronger coffee.


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Chili con carne with Espresso

Chili con carne with Espresso is a simple recipe, but incredibly tasty. The original recipe is retained. Only when the dish has to be in the oven, you can add coffee along with kidney beans, Mexican stir-fry vegetables, and peeled tomatoes. Leave your chili in the oven for about 20 minutes with the lid on the pan. After 20 minutes, the coffee is infused into the chili con carne. Enjoy your meal!

Coffee mayonnaise

Mayonnaise goes with almost any dish and is not at all difficult to make. Have you ever tried adding coffee to this sauce? Take a measuring cup, add coffee, an egg yolk, some mustard, and a pinch of salt together, and mix. During mixing, add some olive oil until you get a thick sauce. Do you like your mayonnaise a little more punishing? Then you can add some extra lemon juice. Are you also going to work in the kitchen with our tips?