What attracts a large number of people to play video games, whether on a computer, console, or mobile, is generally because of the entertainment factor that video games provide. Playing video games is an activity for rest and recreation as it provides a form of escape and diversion from the stresses of the real world.

Amongst the most popular video games that both the young and the adults enjoy is Minecraft. Minecraft has grown in popularity because of the elements of building and exploration in its gameplay. The aspect of survival is also very well-liked among some Minecraft players, contributing to the popularity of the game.

Survival Minecraft Servers – What Are They?

When it comes to the survival element of Minecraft, players need to collect resources so as to be able to craft tools and weapons, build shelters, and survive attacks. While the survival mode of Minecraft is a fogyish way to play the game, it is still loved and enjoyed by many Minecraft fans.

Survival Minecraft Servers are devoted to the survivalist gameplay of Minecraft. If you are a player who very much enjoy the overall experience of the survivalist gameplay of Minecraft, then you definitely have to check out these servers.

Survival Minecraft Servers, or also known as SMP, remain true to the numerous aspects of Minecraft’s original single player survival mode wherein you could lose health and die by obtaining fall damage, drowning or being attacked by mobs and/or players. So in an SMP, you have to protect yourself from hostile mobs as well as the elements before the fall of darkness. Craft your tools and weapons and construct your shelters, explore the nether and slay the dragon. Want to start playing in a Survival Minecraft Server? Best-minecraft-servers.co/minecraft-survival-servers got you so check it out.

Cooking In Survival-based Games

Survival-based video games have been around in the industry of gaming for always and many players love these types of games. Apart from players loving the challenge they bring, some also find them oddly calming and peaceful. As survival-based games continues to grow in popularity, most video games today come with a survival mode for players to experience the challenge and gratification you get surviving the challenges.

In many survival games, cooking is one thing you need to do. Video games that features cooking prepared or raw ingredients making use of any available method, such as an oven, an open flame or by merely combining ingredients, is part of the game so as to create item/s which is classified to be a consumable food item. The food item created may be utilized by the game character controlled by the player or by NPCs for eating. This is usually to prevent starvation or other to produce either a positive or negative result when the food item is consumed. For instance, to heal or replenish health.

Below are a few examples of how the cooking is featured in survivalist video games:

• In Minecraft, raw meat is used and turned into baked meat
• Using an open flame, raw meat is cooked over it in the Gothic series game. In some of the series of the game, manipulation is further offered wherein seasoning may be included.
• In the Ultima game series, dough is made into a loaf of bread
• Some games use a cooking pot to make soup or brew an herbal drink