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Finding an honest Windows 10, which requires an api-ms-win-crt-multibyte-l1-1-0.dll download to run error-free, the cooking app requires quite just downloading a basic recipe book. There is a spread of free and paid cooking apps within the Microsoft Store that may not only organize your favorite food recipes, but also can create shopping lists, manage your groceries, keep track of which wines you have got utilized in certain dishes, and even teach your kids the way to become the following celebrity chef.

Recipe Keeper, a grocery list app

Recipe Keeper may be a great Windows 10 cooking app boasting a variety of useful features. Users can manually enter recipes or import them from other sources, and also the robust meal planner allows for the streamlined organization of cooking plans either by week or month. The built-in kitchen timer is additionally a good addition.

By far the simplest feature of Recipe Keeper is its shopping list, which may sort items by category or recipe and sync to Recipe Keeper apps on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Mac.


  • Meal planner calendar is incredibly useful for those that cook lots.
  • Shopping list items may be categorised for improved organisation.


  • A $5 upgrade is required to feature over 20 recipes and sync data between devices.
  • Even before any data has been entered, the weekly planner page looks cluttered.

Cork to Cork Wine Journal

If you have got ever had trouble remembering which wine paired the simplest with which dish or what bottle of cabernet your friend suggested you are trying when cooking your next sauce, Cork to Cork Wine Journal is for you.

Allow you easily record your impressions of each wine you are attempting or want to undertake, Cork to Cork Wine Journal could be a $0.99 app for both Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 devices. Each wine entry will be rated, sorted by wine type, vineyard, or region, and private notes will be added to assist you to identify which wines you would like to drink together with your food and which of them you’ll be able to use when cooking it.


  • Wines are sorted automatically within the app.
  • Classy vineyard photos bring around life what could be an awfully boring data entry app.


  • The option to delete an entry is hidden in a very menu that only appears with either a right-click of the mouse or swiping down from the highest of the screen on a touch-enabled device.
  • While it is a hassle on Windows 10, the app’s menus work well on Windows 8.1.

Calories PRO!, a meal planning app

Calories PRO! may be a great app to use when deciding what to cook if you’re the kind of one that wants to grasp exactly what percentage calories are in your meals. While most calorie counting apps only have a straightforward average calorie count for one food category, Calories PRO! dives deep and provides calorie estimates on a powerful number of sub-categories.

Thinking about cooking with pasta? Calories PRO! allows you to specify which type you’re cooking with from an inventory of over 30 different options before adding it to your meal for an entire calculation.


  • An incredible type of food and ingredients.
  • Works on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.


  • Calories PRO! still uses the old Windows 8 app menu design, which may be frustrating to use on a Windows 10 device.
  • A lot of the app’s text could also be too small to read for a few users.


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Cookery With Kids app for youngsters

Cookery With Kids could be a paid Windows 10 app for youths curious about learning a way to cook and use different tools in their kitchen. The app will set you back $3.59, but it comes jam-choked with over 200 videos that will keep your children, and maybe yourself, entertained for an awfully while.

On a way to use a kitchen knife to introductions to different sorts of cooking, videos range from tutorials. The complete library is sorted by difficulty level, making it easy to decide on a video for a particular person.


  • A huge number of cooking videos starting from basic kitchen skills to seasonal recipes.
  • Making repeat viewing of popular videos easy is the favorites functionality.


  • Lack of support for the Xbox One game console sounds like a missed opportunity considering the audience.
  • App navigation may require some adult assistance because of its text-heavy design.

Food Cost Profiler for professional cooks

If you’re a knowledgeable cook or simply someone who likes to trace detailed data related to the food you consume, Food Cost Profiler is for you. This free Windows 10 app allows users to trace what proportion of money they spend on food, their current kitchen inventory, upcoming food or cooking events, and even their food wastage.


  • Clean design that appears like a contemporary Windows 10 app.
  • Detailed Help section that explains a way to use the app and what each section does.


  • Doesn’t work on Windows 8 or 8.1 devices is Food Cost Profiler.
  • Very intimidating initially because of the quantity of data and menu options.

Pepperplate, a Windows 10 cooking app

What could be a free cooking app that allows you to create and edit recipes, add ingredients to a shopping list, and plan meals months prior to is Pepperplate, also referred to as Recipe, Menu & Cooking Planner within the Microsoft Store.

Each recipe plan displays cooking time, ingredients, and directions during a clear, easy-to-understand format, and individual timers may be created for every stage of the cooking process; best when preparing several phases of a dish directly.


  • Separate timers for various stages of cooking.
  • Good connectivity between recipes and shopping list features.


  • Disappointing is the lack of a printing option for the meal menus.
  • To use, a free Pepperplate account is required.