Many numerologists believe that everyone’s name and the total number of words that correspond to it significantly impact our daily lives. We see relationships that use the alphabet in conjunction with names. Each letter in our alphabet is assigned a numerical value. Then, the total statistical price of the words in your title could be determined with a number. Numerologists choose numerous things: your potential, your well-being, and what forms of food you need to eat! 

Numerologists use this data to suggest remedial steps to put balance to your daily life, as simple as adding or removing letters in a name. Regardless of the many practitioners who acknowledge Numerology’s effectiveness, research will not admit to this old proven training. Learn more about it through 1919 Angel Number meaning.

Just as your personality number expresses your personality, your life path number can help you identify health issues, seasons when you are more likely to get sick, and foods that will help or harm your body.

Number 1

Problem areas are heart problems, overexertion problems, vision problems, blood diseases and circulation problems, high blood pressure, and sunstroke. The best foods are barley, thyme, sorrel, citrus fruits, dates, ginger, raisins, chamomile, nutmeg, ginseng, lavender, and honey. Any foods or activities that cause an increase in stomach bile should be avoided. Ones are always looking to take the lead. Set up an exercise routine to relax and get out of that headspace, allowing you to overcome anxiety and stress.

Number 2

Problem areas are anemia, Stress, and strain, causing nervousness, insomnia, and asthma problems. The best foods are plantain, flax, cabbage, melons, turnips, cucumber, and bananas. Avoid emotional conflicts because they stress you out and make you more prone to illness.

Other: Twos are extremely sensitive to everything. Get out there and do things that allow you to express yourself safely and healthily.

Number 3

Problem areas are chest and lung problems, sore throat, propensity to overwork and strain the nervous system, skin problems, arthritis, diabetes, and paralysis. Foods to avoid are Saffron, mint, asparagus, olives, almonds, nuts, beets, apples, peaches, grapes, blueberries, and strawberries. Garlic, ginger, and fenugreek should be avoided because they can aggravate allergies. Threes are frequently emotionally abused. They require regular exercise to help control their Stress and boost their metabolism. Consider taking a probiotic supplement to help with any stomach issues.

Number 4

Problem areas are melancholy and depression, frequent shortness of breath, urinary infections, and cough and cold. All green-colored fruits, vegetables, eggplant, and kohlrabi are the best foods.

Sugar and arguing should be avoided. Slow and steady, this number can quickly become set in its ways. Do something constructive and find an outdoor hobby that you enjoy.

Number 5

Problem areas are nervousness caused by mental strain, frequent coughing, colds and flu, skin problems, insomnia, and kidney problems.

Foods to avoid are oatmeal, rice, parsnip, parsley, mushrooms, nuts, carrots, and potatoes. Avoid Stress; most health problems can be avoided by relaxing. Fives require freedom and change, but you must also establish a routine that includes good nutrition, plenty of water, and regular exercise.

Number 6

Problem areas: prone to fevers and the flu, nervousness, nose, throat, and lung infections, heart problems later in life, and breast problems in women. Mint, parsnip, figs, spinach, walnuts, pomegranates, and all beans are the best foods. Sweets, spicy foods, and oily foods should be avoided, as should strenuous physical activity. It’s easy for a six to become a control freak; practice letting go. Remember that you tend to eat for comfort when you are feeling down.

Number 7

Problems with widespread infections, skin problems, indigestion, gout and arthritis, and poor blood circulation are all problem areas. The best foods are flax, ginseng, green tea, apricots, cucumbers, apples, and watermelon. Also, avoid smoking and drinking, stressful situations, and overworking. Time alone with yourself, allowing your brain to work through issues, is critical to your overall health.

Number 8

Problem areas are prone to paralysis, leg, tooth, and ear problems, Rheumatism, frequent headaches, liver and intestine problems, blood pressure, and heart problems. Chamomile, Green Tea, Cashews, Pine Tree Nuts, Sunflower Seeds, Sweet Peppers, Tomatoes, Sour Apples, and Pears are the best foods. Avoid canned or fast food, as well as lethargy and isolation. This category includes people who are in charge. Learn to laugh at yourself and let go.

Number 9

Problem areas are childhood illnesses such as chickenpox and other fevers, kidney problems, and throat and lung problems. Foods to avoid are garlic, onion, leeks, ginger, grapefruit, kiwi, cranberries, and pumpkin.

Avoid oily and greasy foods, as well as aggressiveness. It’s easy for nines to become overly responsible and neglect their own needs. Regularly practice yoga and meditation, and get regular massages to keep your body loose and relaxed.

Combining these methods with what we know about the human body from a Numerology study, one can avoid illness and expedite recovery from most types of sickness.