How do you bring your kitchen from indoors to outdoors? In recent years, more and more people are following the trend of cooking in the garden. With decorative garden screens (, you can prepare your food freshly and enjoy a meal together with your family.

Pizza Night

Would you like to enjoy the holiday atmosphere at home too? Then you could opt for an authentic Italian atmosphere and make pizzas. With an outdoor pizza oven, you can serve fresh pizzas in no time at all. You can also prepare pizzas in the form of ice cream cones, so-called “pizza cones”. You can let your imagination run wild. It will be a full-length program for your garden cooking.

Mobile outdoor kitchen

You can also move the kitchen completely into the garden. A mobile outdoor kitchen with a worktop is one of the options that you can put together according to your own wishes. Then you can prepare a delicious fresh salad in your garden on a summer day. Can you already see it? You prepare a delicious meal while chatting with friends or family. You can do socializing outside with good food.

Eating Middle Ages menu under the patio canopy

Eating Middle Ages menu such as raclette with the family makes you think of the holidays. Even in summer, you can set up the raclette under the patio roof. The advantage of this form of outdoor cooking is that there is something for everyone. You decide what goes into your pan and vegetables and meat can be wonderfully varied because you only eat small portions. With a delicious drink and great conversations at the table, it rounds off the evening.

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Barbecue in the garden

Of course, the well-known barbecue cannot be missing from the list of possibilities for cooking outside. To make the barbecue fun complete, serve fresh salads and some summer fruit in addition to meat. This is how you get your vitamins. Grilling without sauces is unthinkable, so grab your cookbook and surprise your guests with a homemade treat.

In order to make cooking outdoors even more beautiful, you should also ensure suitable table decorations and cozy lighting in your garden.