Some people are highly focused while cooking and don’t want any distractions. Others, certainly the majority, find listening to music like The Cooktrio in the kitchen relaxing. But everyone probably has their own idea of ​​what the best possible equipment is for this.

The Cooktrio: Music via mobile phone

It is always within reach, not too big, and even occasional consumers without a large-format iTunes library always have the opportunity to listen to music here. Whether via Soundcloud, Youtube or Spotify, you can always get any kind of sound from the speakers with your smartphone. The only problem here is that these were mostly built for loudspeaker telephone calls or Skype calls and therefore deliver inferior music quality. So if you call yourself a music connoisseur, you should have at least a couple of active speakers or a full-fledged stereo system with an AUX cable in the kitchen.

The Cooktrio: Music from the laptop

A small upgrade is a jump from cell phones to laptops. This is now in almost every household. It has almost completely replaced the standard PC due to its convenient portability aspect. In addition to the slightly improved boxes, it also offers the option of accessing the music library on the basis of what is otherwise selected due to the limited storage space of 16GB cell phone storage size. But between slicing onions and marinating steaks, try skipping that unwanted track that just slipped its way into your playlist while the grease runs off your fingers. In addition, nothing works here without extra speakers, especially when the extractor hood is noisy.

The Cooktrio: Music through the wireless speaker

Such a speaker can now be found everywhere, in all colours, shapes and price ranges. Everything is included and all differences in the bass, middle and treble are covered. What unites everyone is the fact that an external device is also required here. In addition, the audiophile can always complain that data transmission via Bluetooth simply cannot produce such a beautiful sound as an analogue cable does. For the average listener, however, it should still be more than satisfactory.

The Cooktrio: Music over the stereo

Stereo systems are no longer what they used to be. They are much more than that. In addition to radio functions and playing CDs, many now also support music streaming via Bluetooth or Airplay.