I summarized the diet that can be made by cosplayers in a short period to wear their Naruto Clothes for cosplay events. When you say, “I want to lose weight in a hurry,” please try it by all means.

How to lose 1 kg in a day: petit fasting

For those who say, “it’s hard to put up with rice every day, but it’s okay if it’s only for one day!” the one-day petit fast is the most recommended.

In the morning, noon, and night, we make nutritious meals such as “smoothies,” “yogurt” and “protein,” and drink a lot of moisture. In the morning, the weight does not change in the daytime, but when I endure it at night and go up to the bath, I lightly lose 1 kg.

However, in petit fasting, the body’s moisture and muscle mass just fall and lose weight, so they will return to their original after a few days. It is a recommended method for cosplayers who say, “I would be happy if you could lose weight even a little on the day of the event!”

By the way, the manager is a diet fanatic, so I often fast. I try to keep my weight by fasting petit the next day after I eat too much and after eating out. If you fast on a fasting day that moves well, you will starve to death (actually do not, but feel too painful), so I make it a day when the amount of exercise is relatively low (especially on Saturdays and Sundays when there are no plans or days when work is likely to finish early).

How to lose 1kg in 3 days: no snacking, no carbs at night

“lose 1 kg in 3 days” is a guide to the last, so it varies depending on the person, but you can expect this degree of effect.

Try not to eat anything other than three meals. All sweets are prohibited. It will be hard to eat once, so let’s ban small ice cream and candy that have been subdivided.

Also, don’t eat carbohydrates such as rice and udon at night. Carbohydrates are the body’s energy source, but they are high in calories. In the morning and at lunch, students can consume classes, working adults, etc. By activities such as taking classes, but at night the amount of activity decreases, so it is difficult to consume the energy of night rice.

Some people may think, “if the carbohydrate is high in calories, why don’t you pull it out every day?” however, carbohydrates contain a carbohydrate called “glucose”, which is the source from which our brain works. On the other hand, when no carbohydrates are lost, symptoms such as “blurry,” “sleeping as if consciousness is lost,” and “dizziness does not stop”.

Therefore, even if you remove carbohydrates at night, be sure to take them in the morning or noon.

Also, try to exercise lightly if possible. It can be walked for about 20 minutes, jump rope, etc. Exercising can help you burn calories ingested and lose weight.


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How to lose 2-3 kg in a week: carbohydrate restriction

It is a method of aiming at weight loss by limiting “carbohydrates” mainly contained in carbohydrates. Recently, a lot of carbohydrate foods are sold, and the sugar restriction boom is coming.

Why do we lose weight when we restrict carbohydrates?

Many people may think, “why do you lose weight if you pull out carbohydrates?” when we take carbohydrates, they change to “glucose”. When glucose enters the body, the value of “blood sugar level” rises. When blood sugar levels rise, a substance called insulin occurs.

This “insulin” stores glucose in muscles and livers. “excess glucose,” which was not stored in muscles and livers, is consumed by our daily lives and exercise. Even if you move your heart or just breathe, you are consuming tremendous calories!

However, if you have ingested too much glucose (too many carbohydrates you ate), all glucose that could not be consumed by activity or exercise will be replaced with fat. It’s horrible.

Specifically, what foods are high in carbohydrates?

Rice, bread, noodles, potatoes, fruits, cake, soft drinks, etc. Meat, fish, legumes, vegetables, mushrooms, seaweed, etc. Can be eaten. It seems to be quite painful, isn’t it?

However, as mentioned above, if you remove carbohydrates in all mornings, noons, and evenings, it will cause the poor physical condition. Be sure to eat a meal in the morning, noon, or night. However, just because you can eat one meal is meaningless when you make a “refill”. Keep it to 1 cup (about 100 g or so).

Be careful with carbohydrate restriction

Be aware of proteins. Protein is an essential nutrient to maintain good health. Protein is a lot in meat and legumes.

If you restrict carbohydrates and reduce protein, your skin will become rough, you will be prone to catching colds, and you will have an infection that you do not know well.

Cosplayer-like short-term diet summary

I summarized the diet that can be made in a short period. It is a diet of “style that drives in a short period” to the last, so please do not continue for a long time I think there is no such person). I hope that you can lose even a little and enjoy cosplay.