In the Rise of Kingdoms PC, in every 1,000 food, your city will be granted 1,000 foods. When you encounter 10,000 foods, there will be 10,000 foods granted in your city. Moreover, 50,000 foods grant your city 50,000 foods as well. And this will progress so on and so forth.

Once you get started in to the Rise of Kingdoms, there are daily objectives that you need to achieve. Additionally, these foods are also healthy diet revenues to perform better in online gaming. These daily objectives are the following:

  • Barbarians
  • Boundless Wisdom
  • Clarion Call
  • Era Breakthrough
  • Hungry Turkey
  • Imperial Wealth
  • Lohar’s Trial
  • Lord of War
  • Mighty Army
  • Mysterious Merchant
  • Overwhelming Strength
  • Rome
  • Silver & Golden Chests
  • Supply Box
  • Tiles & Bricks
  • VIP Shop
  • Warpath

Rise of Kingdoms: Ways to Get Food Fast

Check out the following ways below on getting food faster at the Rise of Kingdoms:

Tricks & Tips

Generally, within this kingdom, the food is the primary resources that are very important. The food is very crucial here as they can be used in training the troops, upgrading and constructing buildings. That’s why it is really a must to store lots of food.

Performing gigantic upgrades or queue orders necessitates few ways in getting up more food and stockpile.


Farming high-level resource spots is actually the easiest method to acquire more food within the Rise of Kingdoms. Once you reached the Level 6 which is generally on the middle of the kingdom, this means that you are already on the maximum level. Keep in mind to target the high level resource spots on the farm as it offer higher return.

Kill the Barbarians

Actually, it is very important to utilize the action points in killing the barbarians prior to farming the resource spots. The barbarians with the higher level may give out more resources. Aside from this, the commanders get more experience that can take them to the higher level.

Participate on the Daily Quests

Keep in mind that daily quests are important in creating resource bonuses in small amount. Through this, you can able to earn quick enhancement of the stockpile. This can also be done over wood, stone, and gold.

Claiming the Alliance Resources

The claiming of resources can actually generate more resources through claiming over the territory.