Food Truck


Congratulations on your food truck. You’re able to wow your customers together with your delicious food and your cleverly designed truck.

While you will fathom some prime locations to park your food truck, does one know what places to avoid?

In this article, we glance at seven places you ought to never park your food truck or be towed by companies.

Don’t Park Here

Each town, city, and county has specific zoning regulations, and it’s important for you to grasp what they’re. As an example, you wish to find out about the commercial and non-commercial zones of your city.

Even though you’re mobile, unlike the brick-and-mortar restaurant, there are limits to where you’ll park.

Here are seven places you must never park your food truck:

  • Don’t park in “no parking” zones. Listen to the posted signs and obey the parking restrictions with reference to stopping, loading and parking.
  • Don’t park in a very food truck park if you haven’t paid to lease the spot. This can be a fast thanks to getting a fine and earning the anger of other food truck owners.
  • Your food truck service window shouldn’t be facing the road, and you must always park your truck facing the sidewalk side. Not only are you likely to interrupt the law, but you wish to stay your customers safe by offering your food facing the sidewalk side of the road.
  • Check your city’s laws for restrictions, but you must never park your food truck outside a brick-and-mortar restaurant. Why? You would possibly be breaking the law, and it’s not using the simplest judgment. Many cities require you to park a particular distance removed from a restaurant (500-600 feet is normal).
  • Never park your food truck on holding without the owner’s permission.
  • You also want to test your city’s metered parking rules. While others allow it with some restrictions, some cities prohibit food trucks from parking in metered spaces.

Finally, you ought to never park your food truck near a hearth hydrant, stop, or cross-walk.

Now that you just know the seven places you must never park your food truck, let’s observe a number of the places you ought to park your truck.

Do Park Here

You’ll find that the perfect location for your food truck depends partially on your menu, your city, and therefore the traffic within the area.

Generally speaking though, these are the highest four spots to park your food truck:

  • Park on the road outside large office buildings, the downtown area, schools, parks, bars, and shopping centers. Consider your target customers to make your mind about which street to park your truck on.
  • Food truck parks may be ideal. While it seems counter-intuitive to park amidst your competitors, this may be an honest marketing strategy. Whether it’s a permanent food truck park or one occasion, you’ll find that customers prefer to sample food from many food trucks. Make certain that your truck and your menu stand bent on attracting a crowd.
  • Park at a festival or event. This is often an excellent thanks to boosting your audience and gaining a following for your food truck.
  • Set up at a business or office park. For something new and interesting to eat, office workers are always on the lookout.

We’ve checked out where to not park, and we’ve discussed some places to park, now let’s observe one of the foremost difficult tasks related to food truck parking – parallel parking.


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Parallel Parking Tricks

Parallel parking a food truck challenges even the most effective drivers. Yet, it’s an important skill, especially if you’re parking your truck in a very busy metropolitan city, or maybe a little tourist town.

Parallel parking your truck means fitting it in between two already parked vehicles on the road. You’ve got to back which makes parking the oversize vehicle quite challenging.

Check out the following tips for simple parallel parking:

  • Check your mirrors to create ensure there isn’t any oncoming traffic.
  • Turn on your signal, indicating you’re preparing to park.
  • Stop your truck next to the vehicle that’s parked ahead of the spot you wish to squeeze into.
  • Leave two-three feet between your food truck and therefore the vehicle parallel to you.
  • Check your mirrors again and begin backing up slowly.
  • Turn your wheel towards the curb.
  • Once you’re halfway into the space, turn your wheel back within the wrong way to line up your food truck with the curb.
  • If you hit the curb, don’t worry. Proceed and leave the parking lot. Start again, ensuring to start out turning your wheel earlier to line up your truck with the sidewalk.
  • It’s terrific if you’ve made it into the space. Now, adjust your position either to the front or to the rear to create sure you’re evenly lined up with the vehicles ahead of you and behind.
  • Check to determine if your truck is about six-eight inches from the curb and parallel to that.
  • Set your emergency, and get ready to serve your customers.

Patience and practice are what parallel parking your food truck takes. Spend your time on side streets before you hit a busy downtown area to urge a pity on the dimensions of your truck before parking at a high-stress time.

It’s a decent idea to possess another person around when trying to parallel park to point if you’re on the correct track or not and advise you of oncoming traffic.

Final Thoughts

With the food industry estimated to be worth over 985 million dollars by 2019, the competition is fierce.

To achieve success, you not only should have an excellent truck and delicious food, but you’ve got to remain on top of the regulations to remain out of trouble.

Every city has specific rules, and you would like to familiarize yourself with them before parking your food truck.

You can usually find all the knowledge you wish from your city or county clerk’s office.