Just as animals and natural phenomena have given rise to popular superstitions and methods of fortune-telling, some products of the kitchen enjoy such attention.

Interpretation of Dreams: Interesting food and drink superstitions worldwide


They say it’s not a good idea to pass chili peppers from hand to hand because you might end up arguing with the person you’re giving them to.


According to one superstition and Interpretation of Dreams Ibn Sireen (تفسير الاحلام ابن سيرين), if a woman cannot conceive, then she should plant parsley in her garden. They say that the spice helped to get pregnant faster.


Chinese rice spaghetti, also known as noodles, is a symbol of longevity in Asian countries. Therefore, if you end up with long spaghetti in your portion, you can rest assured that you have a long life ahead of you. Never cut them in half because it is perceived as shortening life.


Rice is a symbol of luck, wealth, and success. It is sprinkled on the newlyweds when they sign a marriage contract in order to enjoy a healthy and happy life.


One of the most popular superstitions in the world claims that spilling salt is bad luck. On the other hand, if you want to get rid of unhappiness and problems, then throw salt behind your back so that bad luck remains in the past.

Interpretation of Dreams Ibn Sireen


They say that single girls and bachelors should not eat the last piece of cake because they will be left alone. However, at a wedding, everyone must taste the wedding cake, otherwise, bad luck will befall the newlyweds.


Before you put the bread to bake, make two cuts in the shape of a cross on the top so that the devil cannot spoil it.


It is bad luck if two people spill tea poured from the same teapot. Also, when you drink your tea, look to see if the sugar has dissolved. If it’s left at the bottom, then someone secretly loves you.


People believe that garlic protects against evil spirits, envy, and lessons. So it is sometimes placed in the bosom of young and beautiful girls. They also say that if you board a ship with a clove of garlic in your pocket, it won’t sink.


Eggs are a symbol of fertility, so farmers buried eggshells in the ground to have a bountiful harvest. Some people also say that if you drop an egg with two yolks, you are about to be invited to a wedding.